Prior More was born William Peers c 1472. He was Prior of Worcester 1518-1535.

He died at Alveston and was buried on 16 Sept 1552. He lived in Alveston Lodge in Mill Lane, the oldest house in Alveston. He was the Bishop of Worcester’s accountant and, as such, enjoyed a colourful life. He managed to secure for his brother the ownership of Alveston. At one time he was the guardian of Ann Boleyn. In 1525 he sold two houses and some 25 acres of land which were rented by tenants in the village of Henbury, near Bristol, to his brother (for £1.50) over the heads of the villagers who, when they found out, took the matter to the Star Chamber. The purchase was annulled.

He was smart enough to foresee the Dissolution and he resigned the priorship in 1536. He subsequently reappeared fully committed to the newly established Church of England!

He found time to write a book on fishponds as well as keeping an account of every farthing that he spent. He was due to be buried at Worcester Cathedral. Although a spot was set aside for him in the Cathedral he was buried in Alveston.